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Lord Krishna states that "service to mankind is the best form of worship." A true act of service is giving someone the chance to live a healthy life by donating organs and tissues. It is our hope that your belief in karma and the philosophy of helping others will compel you to reflect positively on registering your consent to donate. It is important to note that there are many references to support the concept of organ donation in Hindu scriptures. One aspect to consider is that in the list of ten Niyamas, Daan is third. Dharma imparts a strong moral imperative to act in a righteous manner that will benefit others. Every act or intention should be dharmik, and therefore organ donation is a right decision because it results in saving the lives of others. Let us come together and show our compassion for those in need. Let's say "YES" to organ and tissue donation and, as a result, more lives will be saved!

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