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The Best Gift Ever

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What is the best gift you have ever received? What do you feel when you think about that gift? YOU can spread that smile and warmth to up to 82 people by being an organ donor. For people on the transplant waiting list, the best gift they have ever recieved is the gift of life. One organ donor can save up to 8 lives and improve life for more than 70 others. 

So get ready to give the best gift ever, it only takes 2 minutes and a health card!

Grab your health card, click the White "Register" button beside.

The Best Gift Ever is a student run campaign that aims to increase awareness and registration of organ and tissue donation. 

15,000 members of Algonquin College need to register for The Best Gift Ever because we can directly save or change the lives of 1, 230, 000 people! Will you help us reach our 2,500 registration milestone? Click this link to follow our Instagram! @BestGiftEverAC https://taplink.cc/bestgifteverac


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