Sandra Holdsworth: Gift Of 8 Campaign

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Since receiving a life saving liver transplant in 1997 due to Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis I have become an advocate for organ & tissue donation and transplantation. I am an advocate mainly for two reasons; to say thank you to my deceased donor and their family by paying it forward and secondly, so more people like me, who are on the waiting list, can get a second chance at life and go on to live long, productive and awarding lives thanks to organ donors. Since my transplant I have participated in World, Canadian & American Transplant Games allowing me an opportunity to travel all over the world to meet other recipients and donor family members. I have shared my story to many groups, schools and church groups over the year and also help mentoring those who are waiting. I am currently working with a group of dedicated volunteers to bring the 8th Canadian Transplant Games to Toronto this August.

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