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Jennifer Mulder: Gift Of 8 Campaign

Ottawa East
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Organ and tissue donation is important to me because it could one day save my life. I was born with severe-complex congenital heart disease. The doctors told my parents that my life would be filled with medical complications, that I would need a double-lung/heart transplant at age 15 and dead at 21. I am 33 years old. Although, by the grace of God, I have done very well over the years - the word "transplant" is still a part of my repertoire. I have gone through the first phase of assessment and when my illness has gone downhill enough, I will be listed. I'm not afraid to have a transplant - medical technology is perfecting it more and more each day - I am afraid that there may not be any organs available when my name is at the top of the list.

Would you give me your organs?

I urge you please to consider leaving your organs behind and giving the second chance of life to those of us who so desperately want it. I'll be blunt, I absolutely hate that for me to live, someone else has to die. My only hope is that you'll find some solace in your grief knowing you gave the most beautiful gift to someone else. Don't forget to always discuss your wishes with your family after you register. Finally, thank you.

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