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Ian Graham: Gift of 8 Campaign

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Quite simply, it is a selfless gift you can share with your fellow human beings for the betterment of the lives of many after you no longer have need . This is one topic that is close to me personally. I don't mind talking about it as I think it is vitally important. Although not life threatening, I have benefited from the selfless act of another human being. I am a transplant recipient. In my case it wasn't a lifesaving gift like a heart. It was tissue. In 2000 I had a cornea transplant. Somebody had to pass away for me to benefit from their decision to share with me and no doubt many others the gift of sight, heath and ultimately life. It is very humbling.

How would you thank someone who gave you or someone you love the gift of sight, health or life? How about return the favour....www.beadonor.ca

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