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Christine Staley: Gift of 8 Campaign

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I just recieved a NEW LIVER and without the gift of a liver from a loving LIVING donor, my life would have come to an end. When I first learned that I needed a new liver I didn't even know where to turn, or what to think. I turned to my family and friends and asked everyone to come forward and be tested to become a liver donor. I was very lucky and people came forward for testing and in no time I had a match and very quickly surgery was scheduled and I received my NEW LIVER!!! I will be FOVEREVER grateful to my donor!!! Not everyone is so lucky. Some people on the waiting list will die before they are able to recieve a new organ....which is so sad because anyone is able to donate their organs/tissue!!! These people NEED YOUR HELP!!! Please come forward and register to donate today. IT CHANGED MY LIFE!!!!!! YOU COULD CHANGE SOMEONE'S LIFE TOO!!!!


Do you remember the feeling you have when you do something wonderful for someone like; put money in a parking meter, hold the door open for someone, help an elderly person with their groceries, or make a meal for someone that's ill.....yup....you remember that feeling. Now take that feeling and multiply it by a million. That's how your family will feel by knowing that you are saving lives, or how you feel if you are a living donor. I know how I feel and how my family feels..I recieved a new liver from a LIVING donor. God Bless them....and all the donor's and their family's. Please take a few minutes and register to donate....make sure you talk to your family about your wishes....and thank you!

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