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Organ and Tissue donation is very important to me because well first and foremost I am an Organ recipient. And in so many ways I cannot begin to explain how appreciative I am that someone chose to be an Organ Donor. They have given me a chance at a better life and to watch my son grow up for as long as I can. But recieving a Double Kidney Transplant has given me a better chance at being around much longer then the odds on Dialysis. After I recieved my transplant I could not be more grateful and humbled that someone outthere chose to be a hero to me and my friends and family if one person could change a life of one imagine what 10-20 or even 50 people could do. We could save lives and is there any better calling in the world.

Anyone who would like to make a difference should Register

If I was to say a few things to get you to be a donor I would start by saying do you Love someone? And if that answer is yes what would you do to save their life if given the opportunity? If the answer is ANYTHING I COULD then becoming a registered Organ&Tissue Donor is the perfect way to start. Also I would like to say imagine if you were to donate to a complete stranger how you might become their Hero, Friend or Guardian Angel for this person they would be forever in yours and their heart.

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