30 Years of Proving "Organ Donation Works"!

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The Canadian Transplant Association (CTA), is a registered charitable organization founded in 1987 to enrich and celebrate life while promoting organ and tissue donation. Our members share a unique bond and include transplant recipients, candidates on transplant wait lists, donor families, living donors, families, friends and healthcare professionals. This year the Canadian Transplant Association celebrates 30 years of raising awareness about organ & tissue donation. The Canadian Games are a great way to showcase the success of organ donation, and provide an opportunity for our members to prove that "Organ Donation Works!" Our members volunteer many hours bringing awareness to organ & tissue donation, and our goal is to get as many people to register their intentions to be an organ & tissue donor and to discuss their wishes with their family. We want to give the same opportunity we have had to a second chance at life to the 1,500+ Ontarians that are on the waiting list.

Aidez 30 Years of Proving "Organ Donation Works"! à atteindre son objectif.

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