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Toward the end of 2020 I was fortunate to be the recipient of a heart transplant. I'm here today due to the kindness and selflessness of a stranger. I get to live my life because of another family's loss and the brave decision the organ donor and / or their family made to donate their / their loved one’s organs. The generosity of my organ donor and their family saved my life and changed my world. While I was diagnosed with heart failure a few years ago, things took a turn for the worst toward the end of 2019. We knew that 2020 would be a rough year. While waiting for a transplant, I struggled with illness and wasn’t able to do much of what I wanted to. I missed out on being a partner to my wife and having the energy to play and build memories with my son. I dreamed and prayed for a transplant and better days ahead, where I could be the partner I had previously been and wanted to be and to have the strength to spend cherished moments with my son. Now, just over half a year post-transplant, I’m already living out that dream.

April 18th to 24th is Canadian National Organ Donation Awareness Week. My hope is that you will take this time to educate yourself, talk with your family / loved ones / religious leader and consider giving consent to be an organ donor. Below are some key organ donation facts that truly demonstrate how important organ donation is: • 8: Number of lives that can be saved by one donor • 4500: Number of Canadians awaiting a lifesaving organ transplant • 250: Average number of Canadians who die each year waiting for an organ transplant • 6: Number of times more likely you are to need a transplant than become an organ donor • 2: Number of minutes it takes to register your decision (or confirm if you are already registered) to be an organ donor Thank you for taking the time to consider organ donation. All the best, always! Kyle

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